Bathroom Safety

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There are many products available at J & B Medical that will assist you and allow you to stay safe and comfortable in your bathroom.


Raised Toilet Seat

The raised toilet seat will offer an extra boost to anyone who has trouble getting up and down from a standard toilet.

toilet safety rail

Toilet safety rails

Toilet safety rails are a helpful living aid for anyone who suffers from limited mobility

Bedside Commode

The bedside commode offers an easily accessed toilet that can also be used as an over-the-toilet accessory.

Grab Bar

The grab bar offers support anywhere you decide to put it, whether or not you use it in the bathroom is up to you.

Shower chair

The shower chair offers support for a person who’s easily fatigued and needs to rest while showering

Shower Bench

The half-in-half-out aspect of this product allows the patient to scoot into the tub rather than risking falling.

Shower Chair with Handles

The shower chair with handles helps with someone who has trouble getting up or down in the shower.