Medical Equipment Rentals

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J & B Medical rents medical equipment for short and long term use.

Hospital bed available for rent

Hospital Beds

We offer hospital bed rentals for use in the home. We rent them by the month but please call our office at (850)729-2559 to be provided a price quote becasue pricing varies based on delivery location.

Wheelchair with footrests


Wheelchairs are an item that is needed both short and long term. We do offer a rental option on our wheelchairs. They rent for $80 a month. 

Wheelchair with footrests

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport chairs are meant for a caregiver to push a patient in. This is a perfect product for getting to and from doctors appointments, restaurants, and shopping. They are ultra light-weight, which makes it very easy to handle for the caregiver. Do keep in mind that this type of chair is not meant for the patient to move on their own.

Wheelchair Ramps

These portable wheelchair ramps are ideal for short-term accessibility needs. They set up quickly and are great for scooters and wheelchairs. Available in 4 feet and 8 feet lengths.

Knee Walkers

The knee walker is the new and easiest solution for easy mobility for a patient who has lost the ability to be on one leg/foot. This is an alternative product to crutches.

Ice Therapy Machines

Ice therapy machines (AKA Cryo Cuffs) are something that is recommended by doctors for post-op patients who benefit from continuous cold therapy. These devices require a doctor’s prescription in order for us to provide it to you. If you get an Rx for this device you can rent these units from us for $100 a month.

Golden Lift Chairs

We have a small number of rental lift chairs in stock that help with short term need. These are great for post-op patients. Knee, hip, and back surgry patients benefit from these and make daily life much easier. Please call in for pricing since it varies based on delivery location.

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